Mícéal Gallagher in Project minutes

Chillax - An application that prompts you to take breaks

After changing my working development environment to ElementaryOS; I found myself in the market for a new application to prompt me to take a break for to rest my eyes and stretch. Previously I was using Big Stretch Reminder and now I was struggling to find a Linux equivalent as I was unable to get it to work in WINE. My requirements were fairly basic:

  • I need to be able to specify the reminder interval
  • I need to be able to specify the break interval
  • The representation of time left before start/end of a break should be represented using a progress bar
  • A window should be displayed to prompt me to take a break and a sound should be played
  • The window should show a progress bar for the duration of the break
  • I should be able to postpone a break for *n* minutes or skip it entirly

My failed attempts to find something made me decide to create my own so I created *Chillax. *Chillax is a Chrome App built using AngularJS and Foundation; both these technologies were completely new to me and I thought this would be a fun project that could help demystify them. Chillax is currently in development and no where near ready for deployment, but if you would like to grab the code you can find it on GitHub.