Mícéal Gallagher in Project minutes

Coder Dojo - Instructor

The Coder Dojo is a not-for-profit initiative based in Belfast NI with the aim to teach young children the fundamentals of programming. Children aged 6-10 would receive guidance from myself or one of the other instructors while undertaking the lesson plan. Utilizing the Raspberry Pi, children would be taught the fundamentals of programming using Scratch; once they grasped the fundamentals of the various constructs we put them into practice using Python. With the Raspberry Pi edition of Mine Craft, children would build their own Python scripts to create structures within the Mine Craft world; these structures could be as basic as nets and platforms or as complex as rainbows. As with any dojo, belts were presented to students for skill based achievements. Wrist straps that contained flash drives in varying colours were awarded to children when they completed projects using the skills that they learned at the Dojo.