Mícéal Gallagher in Project minutes

Prix Rideau Awards - Webmaster and Designer

The Prix Rideau Awards (PRA) is a not for profit organization that aims to celebrate and promote locally produced French and English theatre in Ottawa. When the previous webmaster stepped down, I offered to volunteer my services. At the time the PRA website was hosted on SquareSpace. My desire was to completely redesign the website using WordPress, as to remove the dependency on the SquareSpace hosting platform and make content management easier. Over a 6 month period I made the transition to a WordPress solution that brought with it a completely new appearance and mobile responsiveness. Throughout the year, theatre companies submit their productions to be reviewed for an award. Periodically PRA would require a list of these submissions. To satisfy this requirement, I created a mechanism to respond to the submitter via email, store form submissions and allow a data export in CSV. Live website http://prixrideauawards.ca/