Mícéal Gallagher in Project minutes

UMTBC Lifestyle Center - Web\SquareSpace Developer, Technology Advisor

I met with UMTBC co-founder and CEO Corey Sheikh to discuss requirements and long term goals. The immediate concern was having a website to promote their new Infinity Points model in which patrons would be awarded points for participating in various capacities. We liaised on several occasions to discuss overall design and appearance based on sketches. Over the next few weeks I completed work on the Awaken Your Potential website which can be viewed at umtbc.mehaul.me UMTBC already had a website created with SquareSpace; while the selected template fulfilled most of the requirements, a few aspects were not as desired. SquareSpace allows developers to specify custom CSS for pages/tempates; utilising this functionality I provided some custom CSS to make the necessary alterations. To perform email marketing, UMTBC uses GetResponse; while SquareSpace does offer integration for third-part email services such as Mail Chimp it doesn’t for GetResponse. SquareSpace allows developers to specify custom JavaScript for pages; utilizing this functionality I was able to perform form validation and subsequently send the form submission to GetResponse. In an attempt to make the website more appealing, I was asked to create a landing page with video as a background. After a few attempts I was able to accomplish this with a combination of CSS and JQuery. A working example of this can be see at http://www.umtbc.com/mgdev-homepagetest.